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The #1 stop for all things Korean cinema

  1. Co-Production : Detailed information is available on KOFIC’s location shooting incentives, regional film commissions, a ‘Korea Shooting Guide’ and a database of Korean companies and staff with previous co-production experiences
  2. News : In depth coverage of Korean cinema, featuring the latest Korean film news, industry and box office reports, as well as interviews with industry professionals and sneak previews of upcoming films. Updated daily
  3. Film Database : Thorough databases of Korean films, film industry professionals (cast & crew), upcoming films and Korean film companies
  4. Festival & Market Directory : Comprehensive information pertaining to Korea’s film festivals & markets

KoBiz Available Across all Mobile Platforms and on SNS

Catch up with KoBiz anytime, anyplace! Whether on your desktop, android, iPhone or iPad, KoBiz is conveniently made accessible across all mobile devices.

Active across all major social media, KoBiz is the best real-time resource for Korean cinema. Connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to stay updated on the latest news in the industry.

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Korean Cinema Today

Korean Cinema Today is quarterly print publication that is the most substantial resources for everything you need to know about Korean film.
Korean Cinema Today features:

  1. · Insightful interviews with directors, actors, executives and other film personnel.
  2. · The latest news on Korean cinema
  3. · Box office figures and analysis
  4. · Compelling features covering a range of topics in Korean cinema
  5. · Reports on industry trends
  6. · Information on upcoming releases

KoBiz Online Screening

A unique online streaming platform for screening and previewing high-quality Korean films reserved for film professionals. The best in Korean cinema is only a click away

  1. · The latest films from Korea’s sales companies
  2. · Acclaimed works from Korea’s top festival (Busan, Jeonju, PiFan)
  3. · Regular screenings events, such as the ‘KoBiz Online Screening Showcase’
  4. · Sophisticated and easy-to-use interface
  5. · Fast, easy, and complimentary registration for film professionals
  6. · Film accompanied by trailers, stills, synopses, news, cast & crew info, and sales contacts

To access this great service, simply register for free at:

  1. http://screening.koreanfilm.or.kr
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